Fire Alarm Testing

H.E. Electrical provide for all requirements of Fire Alarm Systems. We specialize in Design, Install and Commissioning of new systems. We test and maintain alarm systems for all types of businesses across Dublin city, providing rapid response to system faults and service call outs.

Our in house Electrical Engineers Design and Commission new Fire Alarm Systems and our Electrical Contracting division Install and Maintain systems.

We cover the following areas of fire alarm systems;

  • Conventional Analog Systems

  • Addressable Systems

  • Network Compatible Systems

  • Automated Ventilation

  • Aspirator System

  • Door Controls

  • Ansul Fire Suppression Systems

  • Refuge Call System

  • Disabled Person Alarms

  • Gas & CO2 Alarms

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Why do I need my Fire Alarm Tested?

All owners of business or public premises have a legal obligation to commission and maintain the fire alarm system installed under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. Testing should be carried out periodically as specified in Health & Safety Legislation and the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) I.S. 3217:2008 Code of Practice. In common with the regulations concerning Emergency Lighting Testing, quarterly inspection and annual tests of the Fire Alarm System must be carried out and records maintained.

A Fire Alarms purpose is to minimize the risk posed by fire, it is essential to have a reliable fire alarm system in place. Smoke detectors can become less sensitive over time, and neglecting your fire alarm system testing could result in an alarm failing to sound in the event of a fire – posing a significant threat to both your building and those who use it.

Through regular testing and commissioning you help to ensure that your system is working as it should, giving you the peace of mind that your property and the people within it will be protected. Our schedule of tests will ensure that you are compliant with the appropriate health and safety standards.

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What does a test involve?

Our Fire Alarm Testing procedure comprises:

  • Visual inspection of all call points, detectors and sounders.

  • Functional test of detection devices and the batteries in the system.

  • Completion of any repairs required without delay.

  • Filling out the fire log book and issuing a certificate of testing on completion.

  • Provision of a schedule, to your staff, for weekly and daily checks of the system.

  • Issuing reminders when your re-tests are due, to ensure your compliance with I.S. 3217:2008